OwnerHello, my name is Clay Lamb. I have owned and operated American Chimney since 1981. Thank you for visiting our site! I trust we will provide you with enough information to solve your Chimney and Fireplace needs.

Let me take a moment and answer that question I get asked rather often:

“How did you ever get into this business?”

The answer is simple: I was just looking for a way to support my wife and three small children at the ages of 4, 2, and 1. To save money on cost of fuel after buying a wood stove insert in the early 80’s, I decided that I would start a part-time chimney cleaning service. That was over 30 years and 85,000 service calls ago. I never thought we would reach this level in my business!

Now we operate eight service trucks. We primarily service the Greater Cincinnati area. We are often asked to service Dayton and Lexington for our apartment managers and insurance clients and are happy to do so.

Can you clean my fireplace?

Yes! We offer fireplace cleaning, sales and installation of wood stoves, as well as interior fireplace repairs on fireboxes and dampers.  Currently, we have full-time mason crews available to do brick repairs. We can do very small repairs or the total rebuilding of a chimney after a chimney fire or a lightning strike.

We strive to perform at our greatest. Your satisfaction in extremely important to me and my company. We know that your home is your sanctuary, meaning we are always extremely respectful our customers and their homes.

Our customers’ referrals about our service are what have driven our business for two generations and almost three decades. I assure you that all of our office staff and service technicians undergo constant training on OSHA safety requirements, customer service, and the necessary technical training that our fire safety and energy industry demands. With today’s technology and the internet, we expect our customers to shop for service and value. We are well aware that you as a customer have many choices for you to invite into our home, and we want to be that service company.

Thank You Very Much!

Clay Lamb, President
American Chimney and Masonry